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Pets and the SPCA

My Pets
A Short History of the SPCA
SPCA and Their Services
Volunteers and Donations
Some Basic Tips
My Pets

The main reason I chose to do my project on pets is because I have two pets of my own.


The first pet I received was a cat who we eventually named Jazz. I first got her when I was in grade 3, so that makes her about 8 years old now. We got Jazz for free off a friend of my aunt’s, but when we first got her she was covered in fleas and had a particularly nasty eye infection. After we paid for all the medicine to get her healthy, we probably spent more money than it would have been to buy a healthy cat from a pet store, but it was well worth it.


My dog, Scout, was given to me for Christmas last year. We got her from my aunt, the same aunt I previously mentioned, when her dog had a litter of puppies. Scout was the runt of the litter, and while my aunt had found homes for all the other puppies, Scout was the only one left. If my parents hadn’t taken her, she would have be donated to the army or the police. Scout’s a very energetic puppy who can be a pain most of the time, but just like Jazz she was well worth it.