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Pets and the SPCA

Volunteers and Donations
A Short History of the SPCA
SPCA and Their Services
Volunteers and Donations
Some Basic Tips
My Pets

It can’t be forgotten that the SPCA is a non-profit organization and is run solely on donations and volunteers, and the society is constantly looking for support.


Each volunteer is responsible for many things, such as the caring and grooming of the sheltered animals, and nursing sick animals back to health. Volunteers are trained to make sure that there is a good connection between the soon to be adopted pet and the future owner, and they are taught almost all there is to know about pet ownership so that they can inform future owners. Volunteers are also very dedicated to their jobs, and must pay attention to detail in order to identify lost pets.


If you’re interesting in becoming a volunteer or simply making a donation, contact your local SPCA!

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