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Pets and the SPCA

SPCA and Their Services
A Short History of the SPCA
SPCA and Their Services
Volunteers and Donations
Some Basic Tips
My Pets

There are many SPCAs situated around Canada, and each one is run by volunteers who have been trained to help people find the right pet to adopt, and they can teach you what you need to know about taking care of your pet. Many pets are abandoned or lost each year, so as a result each SPCA shelter has a wide variety of pets up for adoption, such as cats, dogs, birds, ferrets and rabbits. Not only is adopting a pet cheaper than buying one at a local pet store, but an abandoned animal could use the love and attention of a new, better owner. Not to mention that space isn’t infinite, and pets need to be adopted to make room for more abandoned or lost animals.


The SPCA also offers a valuable lost and found service that returns a decent amount of lost pets each year. Not only do they have the Pet S.O.S., a service where you can buy your pet a tag with it’s own identification number and get it registered, but dedicated volunteers check posters of lost pets and return them if found.

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