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The Kurdish Genocide

The Kurds

The Kurds
Enter Saddam Hussein
Anfal Campaign

The Kurds are a people who inhabit a mountainous region where Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Armenia, and Syria converge. This area is largely referred to as "Kurdistan". In the early 1900s, the Kurdish population was quite large, and they were supposed to receive their own country under the treaty of Sevres in 1920. While Iraq, Syria, and Kuwait were all created, a Kurdish country was neglected. The Kurds revolted, but they were stopped hastily when the government bombed their strongholds, taking away many Kurdish lives.The Kurds are still the largest ethnic group in the world who do not have their own country.


It’s known that the Turkish government treated the Kurds rather harshly in the past. For one, they refused to let them be called "Kurds", and instead referred to the people as "Mountain Turks." They also banned the Kurdish language, and forbade the Kurds from wearing their traditional garb.The Kurds could only take so much, and they began to fight for their autonomy. These fights against the Iraq government went on for years.